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TruVision truCONTROL Drink and Pills

TruVision Health™ is committed to innovation and is always forging the way for quality health products. Never settling for status quo, the company has made it a global mission to help people improve their health. truCONTROL™ is the latest in this revolutionary health mission as TruVision arms individuals with the most powerful tool available to optimize weight management, the healthy way.


Using only the highest quality natural ingredients, truCONTROL is designed to spark your metabolism and revive your natural energy. Giving you the accelerated edge you need to conquer your health and weight management goals. Take back your life and enjoy every minute of it with TruVision Health’s newest product, truCONTROL. You’ll love the way it makes you feel but more importantly, you’ll love the results.

  • Boost metabolism without the jitters
  • Suppress appetite without feeling starved
  • Optimize body fat while maintaining a healthy lifestyle
  • Feel more energized naturally
  • Simple to use in conjunction with truFIX™ and rePLACE™ for optimal results
  • Easy to share

Take one truCONTROL capsule with one truFIX capsule twice a day. Take before breakfast in the morning and again in the early afternoon.

TruVision Health - truCONTROL supplement facts

Get started with a 7-day sample pack of truControl and truFix and kickstart your weight loss!

TruVision Sample Pack


15 Capsules of truFIX™
15 Capsules of truCONTROL™


TruVision Drink Sample


6 truFIX™ Drink Sticks
6 truCONTROL™ Drink Sticks



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15 Tru™ Capsules
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