Top food substitutes to promote weight loss

If you are someone who is starting your weight loss journey or someone who is already on it, you know who important your diet is. But the sad thing is, changing your diet just might be the hardest thing about weight loss.

As our body adapts to the way we eat, it gets harder for us to abandon our favorite food. Keeping that in mind, we have come up with a list of top food substitutes to promote weight loss. So, without any further ado, let us dive right in.


Whole eggs for egg whites


The egg is one of the greatest sources of protein. And we all know how important protein is to keep you satiated throughout the day.


But recent research has shown that eating whole egg instead of only egg white is much healthier.

The yolk contains various fat-fighting nutrients, like Choline to promote weight loss.


Greek yogurt for sour cream


If you are a lover of topping every food with sour cream, we have good news for you. Instead of removing sour cream from your diet, you can replace it with Greek yogurt.


Greek yogurt is much less calorie dense than sour cream. But it provides a similarly rich and creamy texture and taste.


Stevie for sugar


We all know we have to cut down on our sugar intake to promote weight loss. But you might be a sucker for sweetness. Then no more worry.

Stevia is a natural sweetener that has zero calories. As our body does not process or consume stevia as a calorie source, you can use it in all recipes to provide a part to your taste buds.


Flavored water for Soda


The number one rule for a perfect weight loss journey is, “Do not drink your calories”. We are a strong believer in not starving to lose weight. But you also have to keep your daily calories under check. That is why you should opt for foods that have low calories and can keep you satiated for a long period.

And things like alcohol and Sodas are quite the opposite. They are highly calorie dense while leaving you hungry. That is why you should replace your Soda craving with flavored water.


Popcorns for chips


Looking for a substitute for chips? We have got your back.

We understand how important it is to bite on something during movie nights or a group hangout. And in cases like these, chips are our go-to solution.

But cutting out snacks altogether? That is a complete no-no.

Losing weight does not mean you have to cut down on snacks altogether. You just have to replace your unhealthy snacks with just as delicious but healthier options. And that is why you should opt for popcorn instead of chips.



Popcorn has very low saturated fat and has lower calories per serving.


For additional help for your weight loss journey be sure to check out the Truvy weight loss kit. So start your journeys today and come out victorious in this weight loss challenge.

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