Don’t think it works?? What if I told yes it does but you have to give it time.. Don’t think your hard work is hard paying off??? What if I told you it is you just may not be seeing it.. if you stay consistent the results will come.. you see that first picture?? That girl was extremely over weight ( close to 300 lbs) wore a 22-24 pant size and a 2x shirt size and was so unhappy but put a fake smile on everyday??now that woman in the second picture has worked her butt off and lost 150lbs now wears a size 4 in jeans and a small to medium in shirts And has gained so much confidence and that smile is real.. It’s not about being skinny it’s about being healthy. It’s hard work I will say that but so worth it.. stop saying I can’t or that’s not possible those are just excuses because you don’t want to!! Put the work in and give it Time!! This journey is possible..

This product has changed my life!! I can’t honestly say if it wasn’t for it I would still be that over weight unhappy depressed woman!!!

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