I want to share the most incredible thing for me about Tru Vision. It’s BALANCED BLOOD CHEMISTRY! Are you, or someone you know Diabetic? Do you have High Blood Pressure? Cholesterol? Being diabetic is like fighting every day for your life. My blood sugar would bottom out in the night at 43- 70 and I’d get to “sugar or die mode” and grab the closest thing to me…candy! Thanks my liver says then kidney attack! I’d take 2000 mgs of Metformin and start my day. 3 SHOTS!!! Throughout the day ( to non diabetics that’s actually 6!!!) 3 finger pricks and the needles to the belly that feels like a marble graveyard for the 3- 6 shots a day the past 6 years. Anyway, plus 2000 more mgs of Metformin at night. So now within 3MONTHS ON TruVision, I need only 500 mgs of Metformin a day…..ONE SHOT A WEEK!!!! My sugar is a steady 120 and I HAVE MY LIFE BACK!!

2 pills twice a day and I can have a slice of PIE occasionally! I don’t feel like I’m going to die if I take a sip of TEA! and the best part, I’m living with it instead of dying with diabetes. That alone is worth it to me! Thanks TruVision!! (TBVIP)

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