Hendrina turns heads as she goes from a size 20 to a size 12!!!
My journey with Tru started 2.5 years back…I had been overweight since the birth of my first child and then came the twins and it became much worst. I have tried everything and then someone introduced me to Tru!! I have never looked back since… The question is always. What is there to lose and what is there to gain? I HAVE LOST: – weight 32kg, 150cm, and 14% body fat – bad eating habits and cravings – not feeling worthy – no energy – big and baggy clothes I HAVE GAINED: – a lot of self-confidence – blood chemistry – a lot of sexiness’ and a new wardrobe – loads of energy and restful sleeping.  I also started to gym for half an hour each morning and started to walk during the weekends, due to much more energy. Then I started to combine walking and jogging and now…now I can run 10km without stopping. For the last 12 months, I have maintained my weight and toned my body. I am never looking back. My motto in life is consistency, be consistent in everything you do! I have inspired so many people and some of them also had great success! Never give up on a dream to become a better version of yourself!
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