Why calorie counting is more complex than you think

Consuming calories from your food is essential for every living organism, including humans. Consumption of calories keeps all the basic functions of the body going, like beating of a heart to pulling yourself up from. And if you are on your way to starting a healthy life, calories in calories out is a formula you … Read more

Things no one tells you about weight loss

Starting your weight loss journey can be one of the greatest things anyone has ever done in their life. But there is always more to it than it meets the eye. After researching and learning about weight-loss, you will soon realize that there is no simple solution that works for everyone. Every person’s mind and … Read more

Health and nutrition tips to accelerate towards healthy living

When it comes to health and our nutrition needs, there are so many controversies. So, finding the right balance of nutrition towards a healthy life can be somewhat difficult for average people. And this is exactly where today’s discussion comes into play. Despite all the controversies, disagreements, and myths, many nutrition tips are scientifically proven … Read more

Eating Habits – 3 Tips for Healthy Eating

Your eating habits have a vital role in your health and well-being. So, accruing healthy eating habits is something you should always work on. You do not have to make massive changes in your daily life to make healthier choices in your diet. The goal is to follow a track that is effective but also … Read more

Relationship between Mental and physical health

Even though the mind and body are two separate parts of your life, they are immensely dependent on each other. When we think about having a healthy life, we usually focus on doing various physical activities, going regularly to the gym, and following a healthy and sustainable diet.   But little do we realize, our … Read more

Weight loss and management strategies for healthy living

Living a healthy life should be everyone’s number one priority. Looking after ourselves may not be easy but it provides multiple benefits. When we invest time and energy in looking after our physical health, we not only feel healthier, fitter, and much more relaxed physically but also feel better mentally.   And feeling better mentally … Read more


What’s your motivation type? The important thing to know here is that there’s two types of Weight Loss motivation, which most people don’t know… But it’s EXTREMELY important to know your motivation type for you to actually “flip on” your motivation switch!   The two types are Toward Motivation OR Away From Motivation.   1) … Read more

Probiotic Chews

Probiotic Chews

PROBIOTICS AND WHY DO I NEED THEM ?   Probiotics are the “friendly” live bacteria and yeasts that line our digestive tract.   Probioticts provide vital support for your overall health. Our bodies have a symbiotic relationship with these microorganisms, meaning they work together to survive.   Probiotics have natural ingredients which promote immune health, … Read more

Vibrant Patches

VIBRANT CBD PATCH Everyone by now knows that CBD is one of the hottest products on the market. Also everyone is loving the results that it’s giving them. That’s why Truvy is so excited to introduce you to our newest product, Patch-Ups!   Our Patches are a revolutionary product unlike anything that Truvy has offered … Read more