Once your body has depleted glycogen (from sugars and carbohydrates), it turns to fat by producing Ketone Bodies for fuel. reACTIVATE™ helps facilitate this process.


The Keto Diet

Ketosis works by burning fat stored for energy

High Fat

Moderate Protien

Low Carbs

Reduce refined sugars, flour, wheat & grains

Stick to leafy greens for your carbohydrate intake. The body will burn refined sugars and other carbohydrates first. Reducing your carbohydrate intake encourages the body to burn fat and produce ketones faster. Faster to ketones, faster to your goals.


Increase healthy fats

reACTIVATE™ is rich in medium-chain-fatty-acids which can help stabilize blood sugar and enhance ketone body production.


  1. Drink plenty of water. Aim for 1 oz per 2 lbs of body weight.
  2. Take twice per day. Morning and Mid-day.
  3. Combine with truFIX™ & truCONTROL™ * to accelerate results, reNU™ to help cleanse the body and COMPLETE to supplement
    your vitamin intake.